Fire Code, Inspections, and Permits

The City of Irving is currently under the International Fire Code, 2015 Edition with Amendments as adopted by Sec. 17-4. in the Irving, Texas - Land Development Code.

For questions concerning the Fire Code for the City of Irving, plan review, or information concerning inspections, please contact Assistant Fire Marshal James Malone.


If you are a registered contractor applying for a fire permit, you can obtain a permit online. Call (972) 721-2651 to obtain a password / PIN if you do not already have one. Fire permits include: fire alarm, fire sprinkler, fire main underground and other fire safety related systems. 
You can apply, pay for and print your own permit, as well as get results of inspections. If you need help, view the ETrakit online instructions (PDF).
Access the following documents for more information.
You can now order KNOX® Boxes and locks directly from the KNOX® website. Please select IRVING FIRE DEPT as your local department when ordering.
Please remember the following guidelines when ordering:
  • Knox boxes must have a tamper switch tied to the fire alarm system as a supervisory signal.
  • Knox boxes may be surface or recess mounted 3 to 5 feet from the floor to the bottom of the box.
  • You must order enough fire department reflective alert decals to go on every exterior door. (Part # 1001 listed under Knox accessories)
  • When the box has been installed (location must be approved by fire department) and the tamper switch is connected, you may call (972) 721-2651 to schedule the fire inspector to load it with your building access cards and keys. 
  • Knox padlocks must be dual keyed for Irving Police Dept. access.