Irving Events

Alternative Energy

Residents can learn more about the use of solar energy in homes by attending a two-hour class. Solar energy expert Dan Lepinski will discuss types and uses of solar panels for off-grid, grid-tied and supplemental use such as solar powered hot water heating and pool heaters. Lepinski also will discuss the latest news regarding federal government, and Oncor rebates for solar installation and the future growth of the solar industry.


Learn about urban beekeeping and how you can become a honey farmer in your own backyard.

Best Yard in the Neighborhood

Get tips on how you can have the best yard in the neighborhood.

Canning and Preserving

Learn how to create jams from fresh fruits through one of the city’s environmental stewardship classes.

DIY Energy Efficiency

Learn tips and tricks on how you can lower your electric bills.

Garden Art

Learn how to turn trash into treasure with this unique take on going green.

Greenhouses Galore

From extravagant kits to do-it-yourself set-ups, learn how you can bring the convenience of greenhouse gardening to your yard.

Green Shopping

We take you to a local retailer to show you how easy it is to eat, shop, and live green!

Herb Gardening

Learn how you can turn your backyard into an organic herb garden.

Ladies Car Care

Learn tips and tricks for keeping your car in shape.

Rain Water Harvesting

Learn how to conserve water and lower your water bill by catching rain water and using it to water your lawn and plants.

Recycling 101

Learn more about Irving’s recycling programs, the state of recycling markets, what happens to your recyclables once they are collected, and the environmental impacts of recycling.

Smart Summer Water
Learn ways to to save money while conserving water.

Soils of Irving

Having trouble growing plants? It may not be your fault. Learn about the soils of Irving.

Square Foot Gardening

Would you like to grow your own vegetables but have limited space? Learn how you can cultivate plants in small areas.

Urban Farming Part 1 & Part 2

Learn about organic vegetable gardening, canning foods and raising chickens, as well as energy and water conservation.


Learn how to use worms to make your garden and yard more lush and beautiful.

Water Conservation

Learn easy ways to help preserve one of our most precious resources – water.

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