Resources in Spanish

Fuente Academica
Articles on business and economics, medicine, political science, law, computer science, library and information science, literature, linguistics, history, philosophy and theology from 260 scholarly Spanish language journals.
Spanish language collection of medical research and investigative journals from renowned Latin American medical publishers.
Medline Plus en Espanol
Extensive information from the National Institutes of Health and other trusted sources on over 750 diseases and conditions, prescription and nonprescription drugs, and links to thousands of clinical trials in Spanish.

Salud en Espanol
Provides topic specific reports covering all aspects of health and wellness overviews on diseases, conditions, procedures and various treatments. Salud en Espanol is the one stop resource for evidence-based reports and fact sheets that are all in the Spanish Language.

This self-paced online preparation course is designed to help  anyone prepare for the U.S. Citizenship Naturalization Test. The resource includes interactive drills, quizzes, and videos.
Learn English through Pronunciator, with activities, drills and quizzes developed by language educators. Courses cover all levels of vocabulary and grammar, from basic to advanced study. Pronunciator provides sophisticated pronunciation analysis and interactive coaching to support you, plus feature films, music and more to “edutain” you.