Card Types

What Kind of Card are You?

We have a library card to fit every kind of customer. Find out how to obtain a card and its privileges by selecting the card type below that best describes your situation.

Which best describes you?

Card Type

I live in Irving and am over 15 years of age.

I live in Irving, am over 15 years of age, but physically unable to visit the library.

I live in Irving, but under 16 years of age.

I attend middle or high school, a college, university or technical school in Irving, want to check out digital download materials and use library computers.

I live outside of Irving and want to visit the library to check items out.

I live outside of Irving, but work in Irving and need to use the library for my job.

I live outside of Irving and want to use the library computers.

Computer Access Card

I only want to check out eBooks, eMedia or use databases