Mayor and City Council

The city is governed by a council-manager form of government where the City Council sets city policy and the City Manager is responsible for city operations.

The council consists of a mayor and eight council members. All council members are elected for three-year terms. Elected officials are under a mixed system of single-member districts and at-large seats.  
 Irving district map with voting precincts
At-Large Districts
At-large candidates are elected to represent the whole city; all voters can vote for candidates running for an at-large seat. At-large candidates may reside in any area of the city.

Mayor, Place 2, Place 8 

Single-Member Districts

A single-member district is a geographically defined voter district represented by a single elected official. Only registered voters that live within the specified district's boundaries can vote for candidates who run for seat in the district. Candidates must live in the  single-member district in which they run. 

Seats: Place 1, Place 3, Place 4, Place 5, Place 6, Place 7