City Attorney's Office

Whom We Represent

The City Attorney’s Office vigorously represents the City of Irving’s interests and provides superior legal counsel.

We provide representation on a case-by-case basis to the City of Irving and its officers and employees relating to official city business. We also provide services in Spanish. To determine whether the City Attorney's Office is counsel of record for a lawsuit or administrative proceeding, please check the pleadings on file for that matter. The pleadings are on file in the particular court or administrative agency where the matter is pending.

Legal Opinions

Our office does not provide legal opinions on private matters that do not involve the City of Irving or an officer, employee or agent of the City of Irving acting in their official capacity to avoid conflicts of interest and to reserve its attorneys for the representation of the city. Our attorneys do not represent private parties in civil or criminal matters.

Legal Representation

Our office cannot refer you to a specific attorney or endorse any attorney in private practice; however, if you are in need of legal representation for a private matter you may call the Dallas Bar Association at (214) 220-7444 to obtain names for evaluation, or you may contact Legal Aid at (214) 748-1234.

Prosecution / Filing a Complaint

If you have a police report number and your case has been referred to the City Attorney’s Office, please call Prosecution at (972) 721-3600 or email

Municipal Court / Outstanding Tickets

For inquiries related to outstanding tickets, please call Irving Municipal Court at (972) 721-2451.