Chief of Police

Message from Police Chief Jeff Spivey

The following is a partial transcript of the speech given by Chief Spivey during his promotion and swearing-in ceremony on March 24, 2017. An updated message from Chief Spivey will be posted here in the near future.

"I cannot begin to tell you how honored I am to have been promoted to the position of Chief of Police of the Irving Police Department. When I started here as a 19-year-old kid looking for a job to support my wife and I, I knew being a police officer was my calling. It was what I longed to do but never in my wildest dreams did I expect some thirty years later, that I would be standing in this position. 

 The men and women of the Irving Police Department do an outstanding job each and every day. They deserve my respect, my gratitude, and my support. They deserve a chief of police that will inspire them to be more than they thought they could be and to give them opportunities to grow, learn and develop. 
We are a great organization, but we must work every day to be better. We can never be satisfied with the success of the past and we cannot rely on the community trust of the present. We must look to discover opportunities to grow, learn, and develop so that we improve the service we deliver, we build upon the relationships we have now while working to develop new ones. We must continue to evolve along with the community we serve so that their expectations of us are met in all we do.

There are challenges ahead for us. The environment in which we police is ever changing. Whether it is new laws or mandates put on us by the legislature or demands from the community because of the latest viral video, we must be ready to answer the challenge. My job is to ensure the men and women of the Irving Police Department have the training, equipment, knowledge, and support they need to face any challenge and to do so with the professionalism, courage, discipline, and honor our community has come to expect. 
I am so honored to have been selected to lead this great organization and look forward to working to ensure we remain one of the most respected and trusted police departments in the country."